Life On The Other Side

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Life on the other side.

After 20+ years sitting in meetings and being glued to our Blackberries my wife and I left Corporate America to start our own small business - Fresh Green Light.

This blog is about life on the other side of the fence. Being self-employed, building a business from scratch and then taking it to the next level by becoming a franchisor.

If you're pondering life on the other side or you're already here, I hope you enjoy it and join in the conversation.


This website and the information contained in this website are not a franchise offering and they are not intended as an offer to sell or to solicit an offer to buy, a franchise.  Franchises can only be offered in compliance with applicable pre-sale registration and disclosure requirements, if any, in your jurisdiction.
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Life On The Other Side

Pat Sajak - Franchise Ninja

by Steve Mochel on 11/19/13

"It's the only way you can do something national on a local level.  Every community is unique, so we're hyper-local." Pat Sajak

I was going to write a really thoughtful post about why we decided to expand Fresh Green Light through franchising, and then I saw this quote from new franchisor Pat Sajak in Franchise Update that summed everything up perfectly.

Most of us who have decided to become franchisors started out running successful small businesses that catered to the unique needs of our local communities. The very best way to recreate that genuine local connection on a national basis is through franchising.

Franchising gives individuals or couples the opportunity to open a local small business for themselves, just not by themselves.  So when it comes time to "Shop Small" this holiday season, don't forget your local franchise owner. 

Now, I'd to solve the puzzle...

Introducing Fresh Green Light Franchise Partners.

by Steve Mochel on 11/03/13

It's hard to believe that it's almost been four years to the day that Laura and I left our dining room table after months of planning and finally opened the doors to Fresh Green Light.

The concept was simple.  To save teenagers' lives by providing them with the best new driver training possible.  For their parents, we wanted to be a trustworthy and helpful partner during this stressful moment in their lives.  And ultimately, we wanted to make sure the experience they had with Fresh Green Light not only met, but far exceeded their expectations so they couldn't help but become a vocal brand ambassador on our behalf.

For Laura and me, the goal was to create a sustainable business that would replace 20-year careers with stability and the regular paychecks that we'd become accustomed to.

Fast forward to today. Here's what we've accomplished so far:

  • We've helped over 2,000 young people become safe, confident drivers.
  • We're lowering accident risk.  Our students are 75% less likely to have an accident in their first year of driving vs. the national average. (Nationally, 50% of new teen drivers have an accident their first year on the road.  Only 12.5% of Fresh Green Light students report having an accident their first year.)
  • Our customers love us.  Our Net Promoter Score is a 95 - meaning 95% of our customers highly recommend us to their friends.
  • We're growing.  We'll graduate over 1,000 students from our three training centers this year (in Rye NY, Greenwich, and Darien CT) - a 30% growth over 2012.
  • We've been featured on CNN, NBC Nightly News, Money Magazine and others as an innovative new start-up brand
  • We were the only driving school in America to be featured in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's 2012 report on global teen driver training practices.

Which leads us to the next four years and beyond and the purpose of this note.  

We're thrilled to announce today that we're launching Fresh Green Light Franchise Partners to allow us to franchise Fresh Green Light Training Centers across the United States.   By franchising Fresh Green Light, we'll be able to harness the power of individuals and couples like us, who not only care about saving the lives of our new teen drivers, but also want to own a meaningful small business and work for themselves (just not by themselves). 

We've assembled a team of advisors and mentors who have worked with major franchise systems like Subway, The Goddard Schools and others to help us fine tune our  franchise offering.  We've documented our systems and processes and completed the legal filings that are required by the FTC to offer our business as a franchise.  And we've created a comprehensive Fresh Green Light Franchise Partners website with all the details at .

So if you or someone you know might be interested in more information, let us know.  We'd love to chat!

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